14 April 2022

Vintage 2022: large & healthy crop despite challenging weather

Thanks to Team Butterworth's friends and family, our vineyard team, and volunteers, who all lent a hand to harvest our Te Muna Vineyard. We were rewarded with a large and healthy crop to hand over to the winemaking team to work their magic on, despite the extreme weather challenges we faced.

The larger bunches resulted from the vineyard team's new regime of soil' probiotics'. They've been promoting vine health through natural means, which meant we received the largest amount of Pinot Noir the winery had seen in over a decade!

"The tannins are fine-boned, and the acids are Burgundian in nature: the wines from 2022 will be structural yet delicately pretty." – Martin Bell, Winemaker.

We look forward to tasting the 2022 wines in years to come. 🍷