02 December 2021

Planting the Velsheda Vineyard

Back in Winter 2020, we began transitioning a block of olives behind the winery into 1.5ha of prized Chardonnay. It began with the removal of the trees and clearing the block back to earth. We then planted a crop of mustard and legumes over the summer to help provide nutrients to the soil and let it rest.

By October 2021, the trellis work was complete, the irrigation set up, and the plants had arrived! We've named this our Velsheda Block, after the renowned J-Class that sailed in the 1930s.

This block has three clones of Chardonnay planted. Including the rockstar clone of Martin, our Winemaker's choice, 1066 on Schwarztmann Rootstock. This is a low yielding but concentrated fruit clone and will make an appearance in our top of the line, Helmsman label.

Grass seed has been laid, and other than watering, we'll be leaving the block to do its thing for a while. The buds on the vines are popping open and springing into life already. A sign of good things to come!

Olive trees cut down before vines planted